The 3 Sportiest Luxury Cars

Some people buy a luxury car for the opulent interior and up-to-the-minute technology; others are looking for power, prestige, and amazing handling. Of course, those who choose luxury sports cars expect it all, and this year’s crop of saucy coupes and sporty sedans don’t disappoint. If you’re in the market for a statement car that’s sure to turn heads, take a look at these three racy luxury models.

Porsche Boxster

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Porsche is the ultimate in luxury sports cars, and the Boxster is the pinnacle of performance and design in this elite class. The decked out GTS model has a 3.4-liter, six-cylinder, 330 horsepower engine with top speeds of over 170 miles per hour and zero to 60 acceleration in just 4.4 seconds.

The interior packs a punch as well, featuring a 7-inch touch screen infotainment system, 10-speaker Bose surround sound, front and rear parking sensors, rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, and gorgeous, supple leather seats. Love the feel of the wind in your hair? Open the power convertible top on the fly and soak up a little sun. Of course, this beauty is made for driving, not for cargo — don’t expect to haul golf clubs or even a small suitcase while you’re driving the Boxster.

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type
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If you want an 8-speed automatic transmission paired with a massive V8 engine and all-wheel drive, you’ll want to take a spin in the new Jaguar F-Type. With 550 horsepower and an active exhaust that produces a serious rumble, the F-Type is made for performance, going zero to 60 in under four seconds and reaching top speeds of over 185 mph. It’s known for lean, tight cornering with little or no roll and supple, responsive handling.

Jaguar didn’t scrimp on interior design, either, with supportive, well-positioned seats and a pleasing panoramic sunroof. Techies will appreciate the smartphone connectivity, infotainment system with 8-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, front and rear parking sensors, and rear camera system. Some reviewers say the Jaguar F-Type gives the Maserati Gran Turismo a run for its money.

Chevrolet Corvette

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The Corvette is America’s quintessential luxury sports car, and the 2016 models live up to their iconic status. Both the Stingray and the Z06 come with a manual 7-speed transmission, but you can punch it up with the optional supercharged V8 and 8-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration is impressive, with zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds; the full-throated soundtrack is a thrill to the ears.

The interior is driver-focused, with a heads-up display and Performance Data Recorder to monitor your performance stats. Heated leather seats, a snappy infotainment system with Apple’s CarPlay, push-button start, OnStar, and an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot add to the driver’s comfort and convenience. Edmund’s calls the 2016 Corvette the world’s best sports car bargain.

Looking for a luxury car that’s as fun to drive as it is to look at? You can’t go wrong with any of these three top luxury performance cars.

Arrive in Style: 3 Best Luxury Cars That Make a Statement

When you need a luxury car suitable for special events in Washington, D.C., here are the 3 best luxury cars that make a statement:

BMW Z4 Roadster

BMW Z4 Roadster
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When you prefer to cruise around town in a two-seater convertible, the BMW Z4 Roadster is a prime pick. Control the drop top at your leisure with the push of a button, as long as you aren’t driving more than 25 mph while doing so. Variable luggage space that includes a cockpit transportation bag will ensure you always have room for your carry-on or golf clubs.

Perhaps the best thing about the BMW Z4 Roadster is its driving dynamics. Enjoy an adaptive M suspension, sport mode, and your choice of a four- or six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine. The Roadster also boasts a technological array that includes an automatic start and stop function, brake energy regeneration, and an eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission. When you can get all this for just under $50,000, you’re sure to be one satisfied customer.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
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Starting at $114,200, the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS is a worthy investment. This sporty luxury car can reach speeds of up to 190 mph with an estimated fuel consumption of 26 mpg on the highway and 18-19 mpg in the city. The PDK double-clutch transmission can achieve zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds flat, making this vehicle one of the most impressive on D.C.’s city streets.

Buyers of the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS can enjoy optimal performance thanks to the car’s seven-speed manual gearbox, sport exhaust system, and two-stage resonance intake manifold that increases the engine’s intake. The 2016 models feature a broad rear design, powerful front end, sharpened design elements, and stunning paintwork that make this classic 911 shine.

Porsche Macan Turbo

Porsche Mecan Turbo
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With the rise of the SUV come higher-end luxury sport utility vehicle options, and the 2016 Porsche Macan Turbo is no exception. With a base MSRP of $73,900, this sophisticated SUV is beautifully wrought with a near-sports car driving experience and decent hauling capacity. It’s equally at home driving to upscale events as it is rolling with the daily commuting crowd.

The Porsche Macan Turbo boasts a top track speed of 164 mpg and can reach 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. It also offers a nice fuel economy of 23 mpg on the highway and 17 in the city. One of the best things about this classy SUV is its Porsche Traction Management (PTM), which is an active all-wheel drive system that constantly monitors driving conditions.

If this doesn’t meet your specifications, opt for a Porsche Exclusive. This service allows you to create the Macan of your dreams, selecting everything from the high-quality interiors to extensive modifications. With an Exclusive Macan, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Treat yourself to a luxury vehicle this holiday season. When you pull up to the valet parking at that next big event and see heads turn, you’ll know the purchase was worth every penny.


Super Bowl 2016 Infographic

Take a look at the Super Bowl 2016 infographic to find out some fun facts about what people enjoy most about it. Will you be following along on social media for the entire game? Do you watch for the sporting event itself or for the entertainment spectacle? Which group do you fall in when watching the big game this weekend? Us, well, we think one of the best things about watching the Super Bowl is the chips and dip!

Super Bowl 2016 Infographic
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4 Luxury SUVs to Carry Only the Best Cargo

The luxury SUV competition is stiff in 2016 as many automakers up their SUV game. Though it makes choosing a new luxury SUV more difficult, it also means that you can find a vehicle with all the features and options you’re dreaming of. Whether you need a smooth ride, a lot of technology, or outstanding safety, one of these 2016 luxury SUVs may just be worthy enough to carry your precious cargo. Here is Auto Select Imports 4 Luxury SUVs to Carry Only the Best Cargo.


The 2015 BMW X5 has a reputation for handling more like a car than an SUV, which is just one of its many perks. Available in gasoline, diesel, and hybrid plug-in models, there’s a BMW X5 that will suit everyone’s power and gas mileage preferences. The interior is comfortable, luxurious, and everything you’ve come to expect from BMW. If you need it, a third row is available. The X5 comes with hill descent control, dynamic cruise control, a panoramic moon roof, and a powerful infotainment system. Gas mileage is estimated at 23 miles per gallon in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

Lexus RX

Kelley Blue Book reports that the Lexus RX is America’s best-selling luxury SUV, and that 40 percent of RX buyers had owned an RX prior to purchasing a new one. The interior of the RX is luxurious, convenient, and comfortable, with extra leg room in the back and an optional navigation system with a large screen and intuitive interface. Buyers with children will love the long list of safety features, which includes pre-collision technology, lane departure warnings, and parking assist. Get 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway on front wheel drive with the 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Audi Q7

SUVs with three rows can feel large and unwieldy, but the Audi Q7 crossover handles well and adds features even other luxury vehicles can’t compete with. If you want better handling, opt for the air suspension. If you want to feel like every road trip is a spa day, get the massaging front seats. The interior comes with an optional 12.3 inch screen display, up to 23 speakers, and, incredibly, another screen of 8.3 inches that comes out of the dashboard. If kids will be spending a lot of time in those back seats, upgrade to rear seat entertainment to make those road trips easier.

Lincoln MKX

4 Luxury SUVs to Carry Only the Best Cargo
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The 2016 MKX looks a little more modern than its predecessors, and that’s a good thing. It only has two rows, but if your family is small, you’ll enjoy the extra leg room and cargo space for sure. Many features that come standard on the MKX are optional in other SUVs. These include a keyless entry and push-button start, heated and cooled front seats, and seat position memory. Bluetooth and satellite radio also come standard. The MKX drives very smoothly and provides a quiet ride, even on the highway.

Take your driving experience to the next level with a 2016 luxury SUV. From extra cargo space to third-row seating, lots of dashboard tech to a myriad of fantastic engines, these SUVs are what you’re looking for in 2016.

Luxury Car Theft in America

This infographic sums up some interesting information about Luxury Car Theft in America and we thought it would be good to pass it along to our readers. If you have been thinking about whether or not to beef up your car’s security system, or invest in other anti-theft services, take a quick look at the infographic to help you decide the next step based on your vehicle.

Luxury Car Theft in America
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4 Best Luxury Cars to Take Skiing

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Luxury vehicles don’t have to stop at the edge of the city. While you won’t be taking these vehicles off-roading, many luxury cars are built to endure more than just busy surface streets. If you want to stay warm and have the room for your equipment when you take a weekend ski trip outside of Washington D.C., here are the four best cars to consider. (more…)

Do I Really Need My Brakes Flushed?

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Go ahead. Admit it. Whenever you take your car to get serviced, you’re afraid you’re going to get swindled and told to replace everything under the hood for no good reason. The people who do this give good mechanics a bad name.

Even if you used to get under the hood of your own car and do a lot of the work yourself, times have changed. Computer systems, new technology, and smaller engines make it (more…)

5 New 2016 Luxury Cars Within Your Reach

2016 Acura ILX
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Luxury cars are known not only for their sleek exteriors and interiors, among many other quality aspects, but also for the hefty price tag that typically accompanies them. However, the 2016 model year has introduced some of the most affordable and high-quality luxury cars ever put on the market. Get excited because the five following luxury cars may actually be within your budget.

2016 BMW 320

Starting Price: $33,000

Rounding out the end of Autobytel’s “Top 10 Least Expensive Luxury Cars” is the (more…)

What the Volkswagen Recall Means

Volkswagen Assembly Line
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According to Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer, companies in the U.S. are quickly approaching the same level of distrust usually reserved for politicians (50 percent versus 48 percent). With the new information being released on Volkswagen’s emission testing, it’s no wonder the public feels that way.

The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Explained

Between the years of 2009-2015, Volkswagen sold cars with a “TDI” label across its Passat, Golf, Beetle, Jetta, (more…)