10 Challenging and Beautiful HighwaysSummer is in full swing and many people are packing up the cars for a family road trip. Taking to the open road is an American tradition and this great country has some amazing roads for driving enthusiasts. We’ve scoured the Internet for the top roads across the United States for our readers. While Virginia doesn’t have any highways on the list, our sister state West Virginia boasts State Road 15 just 5 hours away from Alexandria.

When you’re mapping out your next road trip, make the journey as exciting as the destination by detouring onto these premium highways. They’re full of curves and amazing scenery. Who would have guessed that the Number 1 slot would go to the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado! With an elevation of over 11,000 feet and narrow roads, it promises to be an exciting drive.

Check out this infographic for the total list of premium driving highways. It’s filled with interesting facts and imagery that will have you itching to try out every location.

Click the image to view a larger version.

10 Most Challenging American Highways

10 Beautiful and Challenging American Roadways

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