Image via Flickr by Joe Geranio
Image via Flickr by Joe Geranio

Alexandria, Virgina has a rich culture, full of educational sites and history. Residents and tourists alike should set aside time to visit the many historical sites and explore the beauty of the waterside town, but residents of Alexandria are able to appreciate the culture and background of their hometown. Packed with museums that explore just about every aspect of the town’s history, Alexandria is the perfect place for the whole family.

Alexandria Archaeology Museum

A perfect museum for the family is the Alexandria Archaeology Museum. Here they demonstrate how the city’s archaeologists handle and research any resources that give insight into the city’s past. The museum features large exhibits such as “city blocks” and table top exhibits that display the findings of scientists. Events are held to give an exclusive look into the science such as the museums frequent Family Dig Days, where all ages are welcome to sift through a mock archaeological site and recover artifacts.

Friendship Firehouse Museum

The Friendship Firehouse Museum was built in honor of the Friendship Firehouse Company, the first volunteer fire company in Alexandria. Take the family on a tour through this museum and learn the stories of some of the most incredible firefights in the city and discover equipment preserved from these immense blazes. Along the way, the kids and residents of the city will learn about fire safety and the role of the firehouse in their community. Join the firehouse during the month of August for one of their largest events, The Friendship Firehouse Festival. Browse antique fire apparatus, craft booths, and the displays of local Alexandria merchants for a blend of educational and community fun.

National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum

Celebrating 500+ of the nations inductees to the National Inventors Hall of Fame, this museum lets you discover technological achievements that have helped to revolutionize the nation. Explore the history of these inventions at interactive kiosks and archives. The museum also offers programs for the younger generation including Camp Invention, where kids explore and invent through hands-on activities and creative thinking.

Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site

The Fort Ward Museum is built on the historical site of the best-preserved Union fort built to protect Washington D.C. during the Civil War. Through a series of educational tours, lectures, videos, and activities, visitors explore Alexandria as an occupied city during the war and the many pieces of military engineering preserved from war times. The museum is staffed with Civil War reenactors to help portray the history of Fort Ward.

When planning your next day out with the family, don’t hesitate to pay these museums a visit. Educational and entertaining for the whole family, these museums will give everyone a better sense of the community and the foundation it was built on. Rich with historical sites and monuments, the city of Alexandria is asking to be explored!


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