4 Tips to Beat the HeatWe all know that the summer heat can be brutal, especially in your car. Not only is it a quick way to ruin a candy bar, that extreme heat is dangerous for you and your family. You can make your ride a little more comfortable by following these simple steps to decrease the temperature in your car while parked.

Take Advantage of Shade

We know that shade isn’t regularly available. Many parking lots are flat plains of seemingly endless beating sun. However, when the opportunity presents itself, park in the shade. Whether that is in a parking garage, or a carport, or in the shade of a large tree.

Use Sun Reflecting Window Shades

You may be surprised by how much cooler your car stays with a reflective sunshade in place. You can pick one up at any auto parts store or in the automotive section of a super store. The biggest challenge for you is to remember to put the sunshade in place.

Tint Your Windows

Tinting your windows helps keep the sun from reaching the interior of your vehicle and heating the car up. It’s a great way keep your car a little cooler and reduce those painful glares.

Crack Your Windows

When you crack your windows, it allows for the hottest air in your car to escape and fresh air to circulate in with a breeze.


While these tips will help to keep your car cooler, you should never leave a child or pet unattended inside a vehicle. Temperatures rise dramatically, especially in the summer sun.

4 Tips to Beat the Heat in Your Car

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