Where to Find Service Recalls NoticesWhenever you purchase a new car, there is the chance that you may have to bring it in for a recall notice. Often these recalls are minor, but sometimes they are major safety issues. That is why it’s important to know where to check to find out if your new or gently used car has any recall notices. We often have customers who have questions about recalls. When your car has a manufacture’s recall on it, the repair work is completed free of charge.

There are several websites that have a list of current recall notices. You can check out AutoTVNet.com, CARFAX.com, AutoBytel.com or DMV.org. Each one of these sites has a free vehicle recall search.

You may be aware that certain models have known problems that occur over time. These are not often fixed by recall, instead they’re addressed in a Technical Service Bulletin, which informs service centers on how to repair the problem. If you notice your new car has an issue, be sure to call a reputable mechanic and ask about known issues with your specific model. Unfortunately, the manufactures do not cover these repair costs.

Where To Find Vehicle Recall Information

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